Why and How?

With more than 11,000 submissions this year, Royal Academy is struggling to represent the contemporary Art scene. They continue to overlook many great artwork due to limited space, favouritism for Royal Academicians and lack of technological scope. Summer Exhibition Rejects hopes to exhibit all artworks which were overlooked by Royal Academy.

How It Works?

We ask all artists who have received the much dreaded rejection letter from RA to email a JPEG photograph of their artwork to us through: tvalley@hotmail.com (Please clearly make “Rejects” the subject) All artwork photographs will be shown on a big screen at the gallery for the entire duration of the exhibition, and 60 Artists will be randomly chosen to bring their Artwork to the Menier Gallery on 21st June and exhibit them until they are sold or end of the exhibition.

Through this project we hope to give maximum power to the artists and the audience, as we believe them to have the right to chose. All we ask is for artists to contribute to the costs of running this exhibition by paying a submission fee of £15 per artwork, and consider 30% commission which will be deducted from the Sale Price. All sold work will be brought down immediately to be replaced by other randomly chosen artwork in order to be fair to all. Payment can be received via Cheques, Postal Orders or PayPal. Please state the method of payment in your emails, and if you have paid with PayPal please indicate your registration number.  The aim here is to have an art outlet organised by the Artists for the Public and let them be the judge.